Adventures in Finishing Up my Last Month of the First Year of Graduate School

So in exactly 30 days I leave for a study abroad, Dance in Paris. In those 30 days I’ll be finishing up a major research paper for Biomechanics (and perhaps submitting it for presentation at a National Conference), taking one final biomechanics and Alexander Technique exam, discussing Conceptual Worlds as they relate to dance, auditioning for a professional dance company, choreographing a duet (which I hope to use for my thesis next year), presenting said choreography in a final showing, dancing in that final showing for other choreographers, dancing in UA Presents Spring Collection and Momentum in Six, presenting two pieces An attempt at debunking Sir Isaac Newton which may of may not have failed and Ballade per una Corte Medieval in Last Chance to Dance and in DMA Ensemble Recital, directing and producing End of Semester Showings for all non-majors dance students, presenting a poster presentation on Kinesthesia, Proprioception, and the Mind, grading and entering grades for the students that I teach for the semester.

I’ve never looked at it like that until now. It’s a bit overwhelming and also incredible! I have never been more stimulated academically and artistically and the thought of accomplishing above said tasks while also fulfilling the necessary daily tasks of eating, slumber, and hygiene isn’t daunting at all. Instead it’s encouraging and inspiring to know that I’ll do it because I want to.

So here’s to a busy month of trying to find time to pack and remembering that experiences are more valuable than things. Ont y va!


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