My Hopes for Paris

I’ve just finished my last day of the first year of grad school and in just under 5 days I’ll be leaving for Paris, France to study abroad. France has really felt like home ever since I first visited when I was 16 years old. The culture, the lifestyle, and the history are initially what attracted me to this city and one of the many reasons I am looking forward to heading back is because I hope to re-engage myself with my French heritage.

I’ll be staying for just under a month and I hope that I can truly immerse myself in the dance scene there. I hope to make the most of my trip by taking a variety of dance classes as well as heading to the theater to witness performances from various companies that I may otherwise not get the opportunity to see. I want to take advantage of any and all the extras that the program has to offer, whether that be an additional show, or extra excursions. I really want to take it all in by exposing myself to the various experiences that the program has to offer.

I’m also greatly interested in learning about what other dance majors (whether undergraduate or graduate) have been up to this past year at their respective schools. I think dancers coming together from different programs helps us all appreciate where we came from and where we are going. I really want to learn from others in the program. What stimulates them artistically and creatively? What are their artistic choices and why? I love hearing from other artists what they have become passionate about and what really motivates them to pursue dance as a career.


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