Mes Premières Classes à Paris

Today was my first official day in the Dance in Paris Program. It was such a great time and full of incredible inspiration. 

It began with a traditional French fare petit déjeuner. First croissant down as well as a delicious café au lait. We then headed to Alfortville for a class in Baroque Dance. It was intended to be taught by Béatrice Massin but she was out of town so instead her assistant, who’s name escapes me at this time, taught. The class was sprinkled with dance history and a discussion about weight in the pelvis. I really adored the class and would be interested in learning more about Baroque style dance as a whole. It seemed affectionately contemporary in the discussion of the weight of the pelvis and preparing with a slightly lifted heel in first position to designate which foot would lead. She discussed Louis le XIV and his role in early court dancing as well as L’Académie Royale de la Danse. She also stated that three noble professions of the time were indeed Fencers, Dancers, and Equestrians. She also showed us Feuillet Notation examples, and just like when I first learned about it, I was in awe at the fact that it looked so much like sheet music for the body.

We then went to the Bastille area to Studio Harmonique. There we took ballet with Wayne Byers and contemporary with Corinne Lanselle. I decided to take both because I missed the first two classes of the program and wanted to make up some of what I missed. Both classes were full to the brim and both teachers had their distinct styles. Both were equally inspiring and resonated with me. More discussion of the weight of the pelvis was again brought up in each class. I’m starting to wonder if I’m seeing the pattern because I’ve just done some major research on the pelvis as a powerhouse or if this is coincidental. Either way it really makes me happy to know that my paths are crossing both in movement and research. The highlight for the classes though had to be the live singer in contemporary!

Our last stop was a walk along Promenade Plantée. The High Line in NYC was based off of this park with the same premise, both being abandoned railways. It was incredibly calming and the weather held up beautifully. This was something I had not yet done in Paris so I was really happy to go. Also who doesn’t love a stroll after dance class for a little pause and reflection on the time put in? 

Later I bought my ticket to see Hofesh Junior’s Degeneration. I’m so looking forward to seeing the company live! Can’t wait! It’s tomorrow!  



One thought on “Mes Premières Classes à Paris

  1. So jealous of your amazing trip!! There isn’t a more beautiful place to dance and there isn’t a more delicious place to eat! 🙂 Have an awesome time there and eat a viennoise for me. Love, Jen

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