1 Month

It occurred to me this morning upon waking up to a text message from a dear dear friend of mine that in one month I will be headed to Australia to study at the One Body, One Career Intensive in Melbourne. Excited? You bet! But there’s an added layer here.

See for me this travel isn’t just about heading to the land down under. It has some serious significance for me because well… when I graduated from undergrad and wasn’t clear on where a dance degree would take me, it ended up taking me to Australia. And, as I sit here having graduated 1 month and 2 days ago I’m struck with the fact that I’m at a similar point in my life 13 years later, I’m unclear where this additional dance degree will take me but know unequivocally I’m going back to Australia. Seems cyclical and serendipitous and a little about fate and faith.

So while I’ve been applying for positions, and choreographing new material, and readying for a new performance, and unclear of what will happen next; I’m sitting just waiting, not necessarily patiently, but I’m waiting for something. But I’m also settled. I’m settled when I really really let myself meditate and calm the negative thoughts in my mind that I am exactly where I am supposed to be.


Australia put me on a wonderful journey the last time so why wouldn’t it do it again?


During my first tour in Australia a LOT happened. My aunt passed away and I wasn’t able to head home for the funeral, there were issues with contract negotiations, and I was a replacement cast member which meant learning and learning very very quickly. And while I won’t be in Australia for nearly as long this time I am aware of the changes that will come from traveling. The people I’ll meet and the dancing I’ll do will have an impact on me and I am so open and ready to explore! I have faith that this journey will be as fulfilling as the last because fate put me right here, right now.

And here’s to a little walk down memory lane to show me where the next adventure begins!



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