à propos

Yes as a child, like many, I was told, “Don’t do that!” For instance when attempting, rather absentmindedly, to touch a hot stove. I was also pretty notorious for NEVER looking both ways before crossing the street, and for that I was always told, “Don’t do that!” But when it came to pursuing a career in dance my parents were always supportive, attentive, and might I add selfless. I consider myself one of the lucky ones (even though I despise that word) and continually count my blessings 1,2,3… I am reminded everyday that life is what you make of it and my parents taught me the value in loving what you do and trusting, unequivocally, that the rest will fall into place. There were times when I doubted. Like the time when I had a mini-out-of-body/mind-midlife-but-I-wasn’t-old-enough-to-be-midlife crisis and decided that I could quit dancing cold turkey and become a physical therapist. I ended up throwing a chair and loosing more water weight in tears then I care to admit. In the end it put me on the path to dance as a lifelong, twisting, winding, equal parts frightening and fulfilling journey. I know where I am even if I don’t know where I’m going and that’s a pretty happy place to be.


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